Investment and Financial Advisory

We work with each client to design an appropriate investment strategy based on their financial and tax status, risk tolerance and investment objectives. Our aim is to achieve investment performance which protects and enhances clients’ real wealth over time, whilst only exposing them to an appropriate and agreed level of risk.

Investment Process Overview

Fundamental research focused on downside risk, strengthened by team discussion

Wealth Management: open architecture

With its open architecture platform, GECA identifies investment opportunities and designs an investment program to help clients achieve the wealth creation they desire within their risk appetite.

Your risk perception, lifestyle and expectations are the most important factors that shape your investment strategies, that’s why “We get what YOU measure”. We offer customized solutions to satisfy all the factors in your strategy.

Portfolio & Asset Management: truly independent

The selection ability (market and sectors) and the appropriate timing are the pivot for the expertise offered by GECA fund on these portfolio selections which result will reflect in a totally transparent way, the ability of the Management Team to anticipate and understand financial market trends.