Asset Management

We focus on providing tailor-made, listed investment solutions to high-net worth individuals, offering a discretionary investment model, that will be able to enjoy the benefits of global access and the attention of a dedicated investment team for each client.

We offer a number of Asset Management Programs that are managed to meet the stated objective of the program. Each Asset Management offers a unique discipline of investing. We work with our clients to design a portfolio based on their investment objectives, tolerance for risk and any investment restrictions requested by them.



The main goal of this investment objective is to preserve capital. It should be the reference point for investors with a low tolerance for risk. This objective is frequently considered for portfolios with short-term investment time frames. The portfolio asset allocation mix for a preservation portfolio might be: Cash: 5-10%; Bonds: 100%; Shares: 0%.


The main objective of this portfolio is the desire for a modest level of growth over inflation, while protecting the principal. The asset allocation mix for a conservative growth portfolio might be: Cash: 5-10%; Bonds: 96%; Shares: 4%.


The asset allocation of this investment objective is often split equally between stocks and bonds, with the goal to provide a balance between growth and current income. Longer investment horizon portfolios (generally longer than five years) consider balanced portfolios. The portfolio asset allocation mix for a balanced portfolio might be: Cash: 5-10%; Bonds: 80%; Shares: 20%.


Here, the desire is for growth, but less risk tolerance than for a pure equity portfolio. These portfolios have a higher risk level, so a longer time horizon is required. Investor with this objective must be able to tolerate the equity market’s fluctuations. The portfolio asset allocation mix for a moderate growth portfolio might be: Cash: 5-10%; Bonds: 60%; Shares: 40%.


This investment objective is considered by investors with a long-term investment horizon, who are able to tolerate several back-to-back years of negative returns. This is the highest risk profile, and therefore may provide highest Return / loss potential. Desire for long term growth outweighs the desire for short term capital preservation. The portfolio asset mix for an aggressive growth portfolio might be: Cash: 5-10%; Bonds: 20%; Shares: 80%.

Portfolio Management DNA: Strategy

Our aim is to achieve investment performance which protects and enhances our clients’ real wealth over time, whilst only exposing them to an appropriate and agreed level of risk. GECA Asset Managers have a long lasting history of managing Non-Discretionary multi-asset portfolios for clients to deliver their investment objectives within appropriate levels of risk, and apply the same principles to managing the Discretionary Platform Portfolios. In order to achieve this, there are a number of key principles that underpin our portfolios

Long Only Fundamental Based Strategies

Long bias, highly diversified, small to large cap, high or foreseeable route of liquidity, permanent control of net exposure through fundamental analysis and market timing models.

Pillars of our method

Long/Short Strategies

GECA Portfolio seeks to achieve capital appreciation with added emphasis on the protection of capital during unfavourable market conditions. It pursues this objective by investing primarily in U.S. and European equities, while using hedging strategies to vary the exposure of the investments to market fluctuations.

Read GECA Long/Short Strategies Important Risk Disclosure here

The Smart Industry 4.0 Portfolio

The investment portfolio “Smart Industry 4.0”, created by us, offers the opportunity to invest in future technologies and get a return from common human progress.

We offer investments in shares of companies which lead the way in their industries processes, defining the new outline of the modern world and widening economic boundaries.

Investment portfolio “Smart Industry 4.0” is the opportunity to make a profit from the development of future technologies. The structure of the portfolio is balanced between companies that are well-established and of significance in the global economy and smaller-scale players in promising segments, which are just starting their rapid development.

For the Smart Industry 4.0 Portfolio Strategy read GECA Important Risk Disclosure notice here.

  • The historical performance data is past performance and does not guarantee future results, the portfolio performance is net of fees and the investment is subject to documentation which contains a comprehensive disclosure of applicable risk.